Bow Thruster Protection

PREVENT DAMAGE to bow thrusters

The main purpose of this product is to prevent damage to bow and stern thrusters by blocking floating debris from entering the through-and-through propeller tunnel.


QUICK and EASY Dismouting and Mounting

The unique patented solution allows for installation without drilling into the vessel’s hull, or use of screws or rivets.

Bow Thruster Protection: Summary

The Bow Thruster Protection solves the technical problem of protecting the bow thruster from damage, while providing a method for simple mounting and dismounting of the unit for the purpose of periodical servicing or emergency repair operations.

The unit is comprised of a manifold that houses the extension mechanism and arms. The movement of a conical nut inside the mechanism initiates extension of the arms in order to achieve a firm connection between the Bow Thruster Protection and the surface of the bow thruster tunnel.

The Bow Thruster Protection is intended for multiple uses (mounting and dismounting operations) without the use of mounting screws or rivets.

About Bow Thruster Protection

The intent of this invention is to prevent damage to bow thruster by blocking floating debris from entering the propeller tunnel. At the same time it provides a method for simple and quick mounting and dismounting without the need for screws, rivets, or drilling into the vessel’s hull.

While maneuvering vessels in tight quarters such as marinas, engaged unprotected bow thruster propellers often draw in floating ropes causing instant damage and malfunction.

Bow thruster periodic servicing and emergency repair operations require access to its propeller, which require dismounting of protection devices. Standard protection grills are typically screwed into the vessel’s hull. Significant wear of the threaded holes is noticeable after only several mounting and dismounting operations, thus severely reducing their strength and functionality.

At that point new holes are needed while the old ones require patching or plugging.

Mounting and dismounting of this product is simple and can be performed in submerged conditions or on dry land.  No specials tools are required. It allows unlimited number of installations without any damage to the vessel’s hull, unlike standard grill protection mounted with screws.

This invention is a direct result of witnessing countless damaged bow thrusters throughout years of maintenance and servicing experience on private and commercial vessels.


Bow Thruster Protection: Features

The main goal of invention is to prevent the damage of bow thruster by blocking the entrance for floating debris into bow thruster tunnel.

No drilling

No need for drilling into the vessel’s hull, or additional hardware such as screws or rivets.

Firm Grip

Thanks to the extension mechanism and the adaptable arm tips, the unit achieves a firm and durable connection to the surface of the bow thruster tunnel.

Intended for all types of water craft

This device is suitable for installation onto all types of new water craft, or as an addition to existing systems.

A pair is better than one

Since bow thruster tunnels have two openings, it only makes sense that with each purchase you get a pair of the Bow Thruster Protection units.

Quick Installation

Forget about power tools or additional hardware. All you need to mount the newly purchased Bow Thruster Protection is a Hex key/Allen wrench and two minutes of your time.

Long lasting device

Manufactured from durable, waterproof materials common in today’s marine equipment manufacturing.

Bow Thruster Protection

Loss percentage

Mounting instructions

TEST – Hold more than 300kg (660 lbs)

Bow Thruster Protection Awards


Currently, we only design and manufacture Bow Thruster Protection in a single size, diameter=185mm. Other sizes will enter production in the near future.

Price for a pair (Bow Thruster Protection units are only sold in pairs) is 300 USD (tax included) plus shipping.



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